2013 Awards

Exploit Award

A new wine, present and capable of surprising, that reveals itself to be an homage to the past and a great promise for the future.


Wine And Tradition Award

Constant production and respect for the Genius Loci over the years. The two cornerstones of wine that enhance the authentic traditions.

Barolo DOCG Monprivato 2009 – Mascarello

Wine and Innovation Award

Spirit of interpretation and an eye toward the future. Indispensable gifts for the wine that intends to innovate, in the traditional sense.

ASOLO Prosecco DOCG COLFONDO – Bele Casel

Promising Wine Award

Great potential in the present, bet on it for the future. Telltale signs of a wine that aspires to be part of the tradition of Italian excellence.

UNICO Pecorino Terre di Chieti IGP 2012 – Tenuta Ulisse

Pop Wine Award

Simple but passionate, outspoken but with character. This is Pop wine, the right mix of authenticity and originality.

Ribolla Gialla SPUMANTE BRUT DI QUALITA’- Collavini

Quality-Price Wine Award

Great quality at a competitive price. The perfect mix for meeting the needs of the most attentive consumer.

Primitivo di Manduria DOC Altemura 2010 – Tenuta Altemura

Wine and territory Award

Respect for the initial varietal, the place of origin, and the work of man: the most authentic union that the wine can try to express.

Valtellina Superiore Sassella DOCG Rocce Rosse 2002 – AR.PE.PE

Best Sommelier Award

Class, elegance, and professionalism. The authentic and essential credentials for an ambassador of Italian wines in restaurants of excellence.

Paride D’Angelo – Ristorante Casa Angelo